Grooming for Success


By desireechanning, 25 June, 2010

Check out the article in the Business Report of The Star today entitled Grooming for Success.

When embarking on a company training programme, the employee needs to have effective study skills which are easy to understand and apply. Unfortunately, most corporate training involves handing out a lot of theory which the individual is expected to know, or 'memorise', and when they arrive in the workplace they find that they cannot actually apply what they have learned. Those companies that include practical on-the-job training are more successful at producing employees who can actually do the job, but what about the many situations where employees are selected to attend advanced training programmes at highly academic training insitutions where their ability to study will really be tested? Some of these employees may not have studied formally for many years. This presents a huge challenge to companies that invest a lot of time and money into this training. Here is where the bridging programme comes in. Give the employee easy-to-understand, effective study skills at the front end of their training and both the company and the employee win at the end of the day. Any employee, embarking on a training programme, no matter how big or small, needs to know how to study effectively. it's not just a skill - it's a Life Skill. Check out our skills skills short film on our website at: