Grooming & Ettiquette By Dr John Mbuya and Bulelwa Maphela

By drjohnmbuya, 14 June, 2009

About this book--------
The aim of this book is purely to equip men and women in the corporate world about the importance of personal dressing. We have all seen and witnessed embarrassing situations were one feels naked because he or she was not dressed for the occasion. In addition the book will teach you the following:
● wardrobe planning for women
● how to sort out your wardrobe for women
● handy tips on clothing
● how you wear your clothes
● fashion and its cyle
● classical backbone of every wardrobe
● a few no-no’s for a well dressed woman
● her wardrobe planning at a glance
● wardrobe planning for men
● sort out your wardrobe for men
● basic minimum wardrobe for men
● a sales person

ISBN 978-0-9814266-0-0

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