Gift of the Givers - Another 600 tons from South Africans for Somalia relief

By sylviahammond, 19 August, 2011

Greetings of Peace
Dear Recipients


Whew! South Africa's Ubuntu Spirit knows no bounds. We are indeed making an emphatic continental statement that Africa is coming to the aid of Africans unreservedly. The power is not in the proclamation but in the execution: being the first African agency and the only agency in the world to fly 6 planes into Mogadishu in a two week period delivering 112 tons of aid, gave a very good feel being South African. But what was to follow from South African society was something unprecedented in our history when our people poured their hearts out for the children of Africa (Somalia) contributing a whopping 560 tons of supplies in 5 days.


We thought we had seen everything; the ship departed on Wednesday, 17 August 2011, that was less than 48 hours ago and lo and behold we now have another 600 tons of supplies which South Africans rushed into our warehouses. We have arranged to ship out these supplies via a new route on Tuesday, 23 August 2011, via Mombassa to Mogadishu. South Africans are living attributes of compassion, mercy, kindness and humanity. The Almighty will bless this country and it's people in a manner unimaginable.


At a meeting on Wednesday, 17 August 2011, with the Ex-Ghanaian President Jerry Rawlings, who is the special envoy of the African Forum and the African Union to Somalia, he was visibly shocked at the massive response of South Africans to Somalia's pain, and insisted that this response had to be emulated throughout the African continent to emphasise to the international community that Africa has awoken from it's slumber and is now GIVING. The time for asking and begging is over.

 We must and We can do it ourselves


Additional items in kind requested : Food, Tents, Towels, Select medicines, Medical equipment, Wheelchairs, Toys & educational items for children, Plasticware, Pots.

Banking details for those wishing to make financial contributions to this life giving mission : Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account 052278611, Branch Code 057525.


For full project details, please visit or call Tollfree 0800 786 911

Imtiaz Sooliman.

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Not what we give, But what we share, For the gift without the giver Is bare.



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