By igshaansoules, 13 April, 2010

Skills Universe is offering all it's readers and subscribers a discount coupon for the International Coach Federation Accredited Fundamentals of Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching ("ORSC") program offered by Acclaim Coaching and Training in partnership with the Center for Right Relationship.

Skills Universe has managed to secure up to five places on this program for subscribers wanting to learn more about coaching relationship systems - whether these are teams, couples or business partnerships.

The ORSC Program is one of the most advanced coach training programs
available. There are five core courses that make up this accredited coach training program and each are designed to build on the prior course. In addition to this, an advanced certification program is available for those wanting to get certified as an relationship systems coach.

The five core curriculum courses are all accredited by the International Coach Federation which reflects the rigorous standards of excellence and the strong ethical base from which we work.

What is unique about this program is that Its shifts the focus
from working with individuals to working with the relationship system - what we call the Third Entity™. The program provides practitioners

working with relationship systems (e.g. teams, business partnerships, couples, etc.) an approach to work directly with the relationship system rather than doing traditionally individual work, with the group. The entire program is geared to providing the theory, model, tools, skills and competency to successfully work with these relationship systems in an entirely new way for entirely new results.

The upcoming course details are as follows:

Venue : Protea Hotel Wanderers

Dates : 16&17 April 2010

Price : R6,500 (All inclusive) less R2,000 skills universe discount coupon = R4,500 (All inclusive)

Coupon : Please quote coupon "skills-universe" in your registration

Registration and more information can be found here:

Please note this offer is exclusive to Skills Universe Members and valid for the above course only. Skills Universe is delighted to have been able to secure this offer for it members.



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