From Reconciliation to Transformation

By dessquire, 17 December, 2010


I suggest the time for reconciliation has passed and it is now time to concentrate on transformation.  

Going back to the days of the truth and reconciliation commission the question needs to be asked as to whether the objectives of the commission were met?

Since then have we accepted the true meaning of reconciliation – bringing together – Understanding – Reunion?

Have we as a people come together, do we understand each other, have we been united?


Transformation without any doubt requires changes in attitude and opinion, an alteration in thinking and direction and a makeover in terms of trust, ethics and value systems. But like anything involving change, voluntary buy-in and participation is the way to achieve success.

  •  Effective change or transformation can’t be achieved easily, quickly or cheaply 
  • Transformation will present threats and an opportunities
  • Individuals react to change depending on how they are personally impacted  
  • Change makes people restless. They become upset by change
  • Change requires an exchange – communicate and share experiences

Co-operation is seen as a good reaction but any form of resistance is seen as bad. Those managing and advocating transformation must stop being defensive and must learn the art of compromise. On the other hand those resisting transformation must also learn how to express their resistance appropriately in order to achieve positive results for all concerned.


Transformation will not succeed when it is laid down by law or when politicians and sports administrators become prescriptive. Transformation requires the co-operation of all role-players and buy-in by all.  To be successful transformation requires a renovation in approach and an alteration in direction by the very people who wish to achieve such transformation. Those involved need to understand change and how to manage change.


Over this period of peace and goodwill I invite all to consider what personal contribution we can make towards transformation, change and acceptance of each other in 2011. I invite all to talk to those who continue to bring up the past and to tell them to stop dwelling on the past and to rather go forward positivly so that we can build a better SA for all. To change our lives we need to change our thinking.


Des Squire (Managing Member)


[email protected]



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