Free_Thin-King opens the truth


By kgatelopelemakua, 9 July, 2012

Wake-up from being awake. Economic freedom in the blink of an eye, thus we’ll have it in our life time. Like it or not planet earth is facing economic disasters, created by our greediness and our own foolish and corrupt education that instigate planetary degradation by generating careers just for beefing up the money mongers economy. Skills based economy!!! It’s not your potential, wisdom, creativity and passion that determines what you have to be in this life; it’s this cruel economy and its masters that determine your living purpose. It’s said by your so called “economist” which in reality are money-control-propagandists, that we need to skill and re-skill, skill, re-skill, skill, re-skill people in order to get them to be better slaves for corporations and government or sharpen their capitalist skills to be good puppets of exploiting others in these cruel economies. What is going to happen when all people are skilled and there are no enough jobs to cater them? What is a skill? I understand a skill as any creative way of doing things and people do have their own creative way of doing things but that is not what the money mongers economy wants to enslave you for. Our education and economies are no longer relevant to serve life we have to acknowledge that, rather than pointing out problems that we know in return will be our ways of generating money, just for the sake of accumulating more of it. That’s where the challenge lies you see. Job creation is no longer real in this century; we need to concentrate efforts on creating livelihood. For us to figure a way forward out of this disaster we need to honestly speak without boundaries and limitations and without trying to impress anyone. I’m not a good fan of schooling, academic credentials and education as declared a key for human development, because I happen to reach a certain state of understand in this life that most of us had come across but ignored to recognize. As most of us are doomed by manipulation to seek acknowledgement and true understanding from out there and love what define us from out there more than that is deep within us. I appreciate learning, you see in education you are subjected to ideologies  drilling process, bound by textbook, you get told and taught to drill in specifically a cart stone information, which is not even information but thesis which is meant to programme one to become a slave of the obsolescence economy that perpetuates degradation of this planet whilst in learning you operate through intuition and unfold creativity, you observe and experience an authentic life in a genuine world and give means to make life more livable, rather than just earning money for the sake of accumulating more of it. By nature when you living in an authentic mind, not that of manipulative thesis, where you thinking out of the book, thinking through and beyond practical life activities, nature identifies with you and when nature and man fuses the thunder of life's sustainable  activity emerges. This is how living purposes are born; I’m not talking about life purposes, but living purposes. A life purpose is in the mandate of life itself of making life which is not a human role; a human role is to live life. This sounds like a play of words, yes it is, whatever you think, and you got the right to your own opinion. Here I’m talking about a living purpose, which it cannot be triggered or found but born of man when man and nature mate. I love learning, I wish to have gone to school where the teacher was there to ask me what I’m picturing encourage me to portray the unarticulated, the unknown and the unseen of my inner world rather than to get me to recall and to be relevant to somebody else’s opinions, evolution is alive and happening and you will wake up to this truth when your newly born say to hell with education and it will be too late by then for what you could have provided earlier to serve life better if you denies to witness this truth now. I love learning it’s so natural even though the word learning has been so much exploited, I learned to walk, I learned to talk, I learned to eat, to have sex, to wash my body, to love, to care, to wipe my ass, to play safe, to listen, to fight for myself, to win and lose, to socialize, to make friends. And we have figured out how to make rain not wine, lighting, healing not nursing, medicine not drugs, to talk with nature. In learning we need assistants not teachers. All about learning is from wisdom harnessed by intuition, learning and observation not studies from education that mainly focuses on serving your disastrous economy. I’m not a fan of custom practices, but I can derive effective ways of living from some of our customs. You see we can derive a balanced ecosystem economy from our battering system. And we can innovate a more effective economic model from our battering system once we acknowledge that it's from wisdom not from educational manipulation. We need to figure out another way of running our economies, learn and adapt to a resource based economy that will operate on pillars of sufficiency, sustainability, necessity, accessibility control and eco-wise. Let’s get cooperatives working.


We had buttering system in place whereby you only trade when is necessary in a balanced way, reasonably filling up the need in the family or health purposes in both sides of the seller and the buyer, not for the sake of becoming getting more just for the sake of getting more, you will only get more from yourself not from other, you get more from your hands in your crop fields and caring of your life stock and grooming your kids with wisdom. And we lived and died for families and society not for the job or a boss. And you could not sell or buy if your need is not natural, sentimental and consciously radiated throughout meta-physically by the energy field only when the need is genuinely necessary and we allowed the beast’s mentality that came through these fake humans who introduced all of these artificial staff that only focuses on emotional manipulation for purposes of generating money. Thus money system was ushered in and everything has to go with the law that say any product carries and perpetuate characteristics of the bearer. Thus many of our thoughts are products of money, either the lack of it or greedy of it; then we fake everything, food, sicknesses, medicine, beauty, education, fake women even our pronunciation accent in South Africa its fake for the sake of making money and arrogance, we fake our life purposes most to be pastors just for the sake of money, we living a lie because of money, it's so painful to see poets, musicians, painters, writers, thinkers and orators living their lives for money mongers, becoming puppets for money mongers. Doctors are charging high fees not for healing but for getting you to be a chronic drug user, just for the sake of accumulating money. And we use to have healers that only charge you for herbs and only pay when you are healed. We got lawyers that mainly make money out of fears and conflicts amongst community members through manipulating laws. We have presidents who are there for tax exploitation and fooling of their fellows. This is the kind of the economy in place that shapes your education. With money everything is fake, manipulation and trade for the sake of accumulating more. With our buttering system trade is for the sake of necessity, not accumulation of anything. If we can't go back, let’s turn things around as we moving forward.