By ronelpienaar, 27 July, 2010

We have been running the very successful Psychology of Communication (general communication and team communication) and Psychology of Sales workshops for the last 4 years. And it really is going well as people want more of improving interactions with other people. We have now also expanded the workshops to Europe (5 countries).

The basis of these workshops is our Communication profile ... a profile that will highlight your own preferences, but at the same time inform you how to deal with people that might have a different preference to you. That is, changing your communication style and behaviour to the most applicable depending on the person you are dealing with.

So far we have had 30,000+ people through the system from 78 countries (Internet based so we don’t just do profiles in the countries where we run workshops).

We have just extended the profile to add the behaviour preferences in communication and will be running this free until we hit 100,000 profiles. We will then start charging for the profiles.

Follow the link to our FREE COMMUNICATION PROFILE then click on "continue"

We are looking forward to your comments



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