Write and Publish your first eBook in 10 days or Less ...

By igshaansoules, 22 April, 2010

Hey Coaches and Mentor

I am so excited because I am finally well on my way
to writing my first e-Book - thanks to a little GEM I discovered by
chance. And, I wanted to share this with you! Yes, these day's I am into sharing my discoveries.

Have you ever
thought of writing a book, article and having it published, earning
income from that? Perhaps you should consider doing this as a lead generator for your coaching and mentoring business.

We know that most writer's aren't usually the
RICHEST of people. They pour a lifetime into their manuscripts. Years
into finding a publisher. Months into trying to promote their work.
Their reward? A few Amazon sales, generating enough royalties to buy as one writer once said to me, "A Big Mac Meal".

Writers really do SUFFER for
their art. But what if I tell you I have found a little gem that offers a
way to FLIP the TABLES... ?

What if you could get a GUARANTEE
that you could get published - in just DAYS?

When I saw the
advertisement for this eBook, "Discover How to write and publish your
first eBook in just 10 days ... or less", I laughed. What had me howl
with laughter was when I saw their guarantee.

"Earn $1000 p/m
MINIMUM from your e-book - *100% GUARANTEED*"

eventually curiosity got the better of me so I checked out the sales
page. You can find it at

I discovered award-winning author Nick Daws has been
doing this for years. He's tapped into the world of E-BOOKS - and his
methods are being used right now to generate millions in sales.

structured a special system for going from IDEA to final PUBLISHED
E-BOOK -- in just 10 days -- AND earning yourself at least $1000 per
month from each e-book as a result. NO experience required.

has created a site explaining the system. Check it out HERE:

So, I took the plunge and bought the book. The book was well
written, and the writing approach offered in chapter two alone well
worth every cent I spent purchasing this book.

However, before
you go, if what you read on the sales page appeals to you and you want
to buy, click the link below as I have negotiated a special discount
with the publisher for this community. Feel free to share with others.

of $97 (already discounted for the launch month from $149) you will pay
only $67 for this incredible book.

I purchased it and now I am
on day two of my eBook - I expect to complete my eBook by next Friday.
Something, I have been struggling to start let alone complete, since
October last year.

Below are the links to access this book at
this special discounted price - please note that if you purchase the
book from the site directly you will be charged the full price.

$67 price (Credit Card):

Discounted $67 price via PayPal:

This discounted offer is valid until next Friday but I have
been told that the publishers reserve the right to pull it at any time.

Go on, purchase it - you have absolutely nothing to loose and
everything to gain.

You'll amaze yourself.




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