By sabineclinckemaillie, 14 January, 2015

The Wildlife & Environment Society of South Africa will be running Environmental Educators NQF L5 (12 Credits) Courses at the following centres - Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve, Howick;  Johannesburg, Twinstreams (Mtunzini) and Treasure Beach (Durban) throughout 2015. 


The Environmental Educators NQF L5 (12 Credits) is immensely popular to many teachers, environmental educators and trainers.  It comprises 3 of the 22 unit standards from the Full National Qualification:  Environmental Education, Training and Development Practices NQF L5 (122 Credits):


Unit Standard 13637: Network broadly in order to source information and support around a key environmental issue or risk (4 credits)

Unit Standard 13651: Review a variety of approaches to learning, teaching and evaluation (4 credits)

Unit Standard 13632: Demonstrate knowledge of environmental education goals, principles and methods and their appropriateness in different contexts (4 credits)


The Environmental Educators NQF L5 course offers a hands-on learner-centre approach in response to candidates needs and operating contexts, as well as a diversity of teaching and learning approaches to suit a wide range of learning styles through various activities.


The cost of the course is R7743 inclusive of VAT, tuition, venue, learning materials, field trips, assessment, moderation, verification, certification, lunches and teas during the 5 day contact sessions.  Accommodation, breakfasts, dinners and transport to and from the venue is exclusive.


To access more information and to apply for this immeasurably incentive and participatory course please click on the following link:


WESSA SustainEd Facebook and LinkedIn networks offer further insight and inspiration into the above courses.  We invite you to access and join us on both social networks for the latest news and updates by clicking on the following links:



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