Why we will no longer accept discussions containing personal telephone numbers

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    sylvia hammond

    Important notice to all skills-universe members

    As Portal Publishing management we take the security of your personal information seriously.  

    So I hope that you will understand when I say I will no longer accept any discussions that contain personal telephone numbers.

    I’m not sure about elsewhere in our galaxy – or even points further out – but I know for sure that if you post your personal telephone number on our site that every one on this planet can see it.  That means even without the fancy spy software that so many countries employ, people who wish you harm can access your personal telephone number – to contact you – send you spam – whatever!

    So I am no longer going to waste time sending you personal messages, I will simply delete the discussion.

    We suggest that if you want to disclose contact details to other members, you ask them to invite you as a friend on the site.  That way you will be able to use the Inbox.


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    Thank you Sylvia

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    DK Teyim

    That is true Sylvia. Supported. Thank you

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    Lynel Farrell

    Thank you Sylvia!

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    Hannes Nel

    Perfectly understandable. Hannes

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    Janelle Gravett

    thank you for looking out for us!

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