Why is it so difficult to understand the skills development sub-sector of PSET?

Front Page Looking For… Post-school Education & Training – including TVET Why is it so difficult to understand the skills development sub-sector of PSET?

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    sylvia hammond

    It becomes very clear that there is a genuine and sincere lack of knowledge of the complexity of the skills development sub-sector – and the contribution it makes to the national economy.

    So I thought I would put together a very summarised document indicating aspects of the sub-sector, without getting into a very lengthy, highly detailed “book”.

    As all practitioners will well understand this is a very diverse, complex sub-sector.

    So please make yourself a cup of coffee and read the attached document. I would very much welcome your input. What else must be in the summary? What is not correct, or should be taken out?

    Appreciate your thoughts.

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    Kutloisiso Moalosi

    It isn’t. It’s political.

    Johann Botes

    Hi Sylvia

    Yes the is a well written document and gives clarity. I genuinely hope that the people who need to make the decisions going forward also understand it in the same way as we do. I think you have summarized it spot on.

    It is actually a pity that revenue loss cannot be connected to this document, which may be a good but difficult exercise, to establish the percentage providers are financially down on a year to date comparison from the previous year.

    We are as small provider on a year to date comparison with last year are 74% down from 2019. Thus the impact is huge if you look t the figures. Some providers will be forced to close down.

    Thanks for your effort.

    sylvia hammond

    Hi Kutloisiso,
    yes thanks you for your post.
    I am aware of the power dynamics at play.

    However, my approach is to move forward in between/despite the players. I am committed to the implementation of skills development because I very firmly believe that it is the key pillar of redress.

    In this case I do also believe that it is to the benefit the hundreds/thousands who are simply trying to survive.

    I do also support the concept of Save the academic year Save lives – for all those learners part way through their Leanerships, Internships, apprenticeships, etc.

    sylvia hammond

    Thank you Johann. Now that is a very frightening figure and confirms what I feel about the sub-sector intuitively.

    I want to send this document on to a number of email addresses. But I see no reason why we can’t also start working on some numbers.

    One thing I want to add to the document is to explain that only the very largest employers have formally accredited skills training centres. The remainder of companies – including many of the largest – use private providers.

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