Who trains youth in recruitment good manners?

By sylviahammond, 10 April, 2014

More than a quarter of the South African population is unemployed and the percentage of youth unemployed is significantly higher. So surely young people would pay attention to any chance for a job?

It seems not so - not for the first time, I have heard from a recruiting manager about young people who submit C.V.s for vacancies, but then don't:

  • answer their cell phones, or
  • respond to voice-mail or text messages.

Then when an appointment for an interview appointment is made, they

  • arrive late, or
  • don't arrive, and don't phone to apologise for not attending.

Then when they do attend interviews, they:

  • don't bring the documents clearly asked for in the interview arrangements, or
  • indicate how much money they want, and aren't prepared to compromise, without considering what their future career prospects are with the company - or whether there will be a chance to study further or receive training.

Young people clearly don't know that HR and recruitment people talk to each other - and seek references.  Small company owners also speak to each other to take references.  The first questions asked are always on reliability factors: time-keeping, attendance, responsibility - way before considering qualifications, skills and knowledge.  

So why aren't we training youth in how to behave when seeking employment?  


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