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    Johan Kruger

    Hi All


    I would like to register as a SDF but everytime i go onto the internet it shift me from one site to another. If there is anybody that knows the address please help.




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    Des Squire

    Hi Johan

    I assume you have qualified as an SDF by completing some of the relevant Unit standards. This being the case than that is all you need do initially.

    However should you apply to a company to become and internal or external SDF and be appointed then you would register with the relevant SETA as such.

    Trust this will assist.


    Hi Johan,

    as Des says – you need to either be an SDF internal to a company – or be providing the service as a consultant. The consultants are sometimes referred to as Independent or External SDFs depending on which Seta you are registering with. 

    But just to clarify further, you usually don’t register in your own right – rather you register as the SDF for the company. 

    However, some Setas do pay for SDFs to provide a service to their small companies.  They are paid via the Seta and so are part of a Seta project and not specifically related to a company.  Finally, to add that the requirements of the Setas vary – some have a form, fill that in to register, some have an online registration.  In that case you have to be accepted as the SDF by the company, who would provide confirmation that you are their SDF.  The Seta would then give you access to the online reporting system.

    Then the roadshows that the individual Setas do hold provide you with further information on their reporting requirements.   The MICT Seta for example has set a requirement that the SDF must be a graduate or have attended the training and must attend the roadshow before they can report.

    Welcome to a challenging and rewarding occupation.

    Roland Greenstein

    Hi Sylvia looking for help I completed my SDF five years ago but never bothered to put it to practice. Where do I start and how can I still make it or is there some of the members that can mentor me. Any suggestions.

    Thank You
    Roland Greenstein

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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