Where do training providers fit?

By valenciaellse, 28 October, 2016

Hi All,

I'm wondering whether you can provide clarity on an issue. 

I recently assisted a training provider with their accreditation. Their core business is training, and they operate in a sector outside of ETDP.  Their levies are paid to the sector (sic code) within which they are accredited.  

On querying whether the training provider could apply for funding through the DG process for a group of unemployed learners, I was told, that if their core business is training, they need to apply through ETDP SETA.  

On querying the same with ETDP SETA, I was told that they should apply to the relevant SETA whose programme they will be offering.

Is it a case that training providers can only tap into SETA funding to train their employees, and if so, should all training providers be paying their levies to the ETD sector regardless of who they are accredited with.

Some clarity on the above would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards





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