Where can I find the documents for the Registration of Private Providers with DHET?

Front Page Looking For… The Help Desk Where can I find the documents for the Registration of Private Providers with DHET?

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    sylvia hammond

    In the Documents for Download section, there are 10 documents including:

    • the relevant Government Gazettes,
    • Communique 1 of 2016,
    • communication of QCTO with DHET,
    • the forms,
    • instructions,
    • fees, and
    • APPETD presentation Q & A on registration requirements.

    These are all intended to assist private providers to either: register with DHET, or alternatively to alter their registration details, and to find all the necessary documents in one place.

    The section is available on this link:


    alternatively, click on “Knowledge Area”, and from the download menu choose “documents for downloads”.

    If there are any further documents, which would be of assistance, please contact me.

    sylvia hammond

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    Zalia Frosler

    Hello Sylvia and Des, Sylcia Thank you very much for the docs. It was very spooky when I saw Des’s  posts and then yours after spending time today on both sites looking for registration docs. You guys rock, much appreciated.


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    Suzanne Hattingh

    Hi, I made a summary of the requirements for CHE accreditation. You are welcome to call or email me: 083 357 6464, suzanne@lpi-hrd.co.za.

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    Sandra De Leo

    Thank you Silvia, this is very helpful.

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    adeline findlay

    Hi Suzanne

    Why is it so expensive to register with CHE?



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