When perfect isn’t good enough

By Anonymous (not verified), 13 June, 2012

Perfection can push us to improve the quality of our work and help us to achieve. Many successful people claim to be perfectionists, and attribute their success to this personality trait. Yet perfectionism can also leave us feeling dissatisfied with our performance which leads to anxiety and in some extreme cases depression.

Is your demand for perfection from yourself, employees and business partners negatively impacting relationships at work?

During a Tedx session, Dr. Martin M. Antony addresses the issue of perfectionism and highlights some of the key questions to determine whether standards are overly perfectionist:

  • Are my standards higher than those of other people? Am I able to meet those standards?
  • Do I get upset if I don’t meet my standards or if others don’t meet my standards?
  • Do my standards help me to achieve my goals or do they get in the way?
  • What would be the costs and benefits of relaxing a standard or rule?

For more insights and tips on how to overcome perfectionism follow this link



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