When education is not conducive to votes

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    As has been the theme for centuries, education of an uneducated populating is a good way to lose votes. There is no economics in politics and all that matters is being re-elected . If schools, SETA’s and so on are manned by cadres nothing will happen despite all our efforts to make them happen. Without any capability, desire or accountability in any form of Government sponsored efforts, they are only designed to give employment to cadres and support for the regime.   I know that this sounds very negative and it is because ignorant voters will stay true to the cause and keep on voting for promises without any hope of delivery

    The only way to get equal education is to make all education equally bad and in this government has, thankfully not been successful but they will keep trying. There is a huge difference between earning a living and being paid a salary that has not been earned. In education as we are seeing more and more, unqualified and ignorant ‘teachers’ are deployed, not to teach but to earn their stripes with their employers so that at the next election their votes can be relied upon, as their very lives depend on that paycheck!

    So with all the will in the world we are wasting our time trying to fix the effects of bad governance instead of trying to address the cause, and how to do that when voters vots for past successes without any thought to the future.

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