When are members deleted and blocked from skills-universe?

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      sylvia hammond

      Skills-universe members are just like members of the general population – some are intent on misleading or defrauding others to get what they want for themselves.

      On skills-universe, we have 2 lines of defence –

      First, I regularly refuse membership (often check on other social media), but occasionally I am caught out when someone who looks genuine, only wants to scam for money gets through. Usually a member quickly picks that up and reports to me.

      We have the facility to delete them, mark them as scammers, and block their access.

      Second – dealing with complaints of current members.

      From time to time I receive complaints. I banned the advertisments of training material for sale on the site because there were so many complaints about selling of poor quality material or material that they had no right to sell – not respecting the intellectual property of others.

      I request personal photos – it’s not perfect – but it helps to detect people who don’t want to be known – like the one who registered with a name and photo that wasn’t actually his ethnic identity.

      Recently I received a complaint of actual fraudulent behaviour. There was no response to my emails requesting explanation, so we have deleted that member.

      We do not undertake to provide any warranty to members that other members are security checked, or will engage in professional and honest business practices. So all members need to take the same precautions to verify who they are dealing with, that you would normally do in the course of business.

      If you are in the process of dealing with a member, who disappears from the site, then please contact me directly [email protected] so that I can refer you to the complainant for more information.

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      Lynel Farrell

      Thank you Sylvia!

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