What would you say to the heads of FET colleges?

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    On 4 April 2012, President Zuma will be meeting with the heads FET colleges in Pretoria.  The media advisory says that rhe President will be looking at the role FETs play in the country’s skills development strategy.

    Our current shortage of specific skills, including civil engineering, mining technology and engineering, information technology and computer science, finance, economics, electrical infrastructure and construction and accounting, are all mentioned in the advisory as being critical to South Africa’s economic success.

    The National Plan Vision 2030 recommended FET colleges be capacitated in order to meet the required for at least 30 000 artisans a year, and the Department of Higher Education and Training’s Green Paper for Post-School Education and Training addresses need for FET colleges to play a more strategic role.

    As skills development practitioners, educators and human resource professionals, what would you say to President Zuma and the gathering of FET heads, and Ministers of Basic and Higher Education?



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    Wilma de Villiers


    Appoint efficient people to do a skills analysis at different workplaces.  Provide colleges with funding to appoint a team to approach companies to do a skills analysis for their company. Start with the larger companies, companies that have the biggest influence on our economy.  Put a law in place that companies must use the contribution that they make to the SDF to have the staff trained in the skills/ qualifications identified by the college-teams.



    I would be interested on his thoughts on the progression or career paths of students from F.E.T colleges to universities. Currently University do not take our NQF level 5 ECD students to do B.ed’s. What is said, is that Universities do not have agreements with the various ETA’s.

    Clearly this is a power struggle, that’s clearly political and again hinders the further education and development of people.

    When will we focus on the development that builds capabilities and interests of studying further, which will evolve mankind.



    I would say that the quality of capacity being hired at our colleges should be individuals who have academic and practical knowledge and skill.  I have done partime studies at a college and the lecturers in accounting and business management had no idea of the real world of work and what happens on a day to day basis in our country. I had my certificates assessed to further my studies and was requested to RPL for all the subjects I did at the college. Time and money wasted!!!! although I queried the request, the institute refused to accept the certificates and I had to spend R5800 for RPL.




    For artisans to be produced as per set target , FET Colleges will need to be capacitated with experienced and better qualified artisans . At present , even the few artisans we have at FET Colleges are POACHED by industries through better salary packages . Such a set target will remain a WISH and never be realised unless FET Colleges have good salary packages and sustain  this WISH to the future .

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