By PWODC, 17 July, 2018

Listening to ex. POTUS, Pres Obama’s speech, I found myself observing his mannerisms, tone of voice, involving the audience, keeping their attention and capitalising on applause to drive home, key points. Having read dozens of books on the subject of “Facilitation” the same common characteristics always seem to be emphasised. It reminded me of an old question, that I never really could pin and wrap up in a bow. So, I put my stakes on the good people of Skills Universe - and I would like to ask you; “What makes a GREAT Facilitator in our South African context?” What is that one attribute/ thing that makes for a Great Facilitator?

I have witnessed well prepared facilitators, that communicates well, stick to the lesson plan, doing everything by the book, but has no audience participation, and low learner marks.

Then, I’ve witnessed Facilitators that have the audience mesmerized from the moment he/ she walks into the workshop area. Audiences that enjoy participating throughout the session and achieving great results. But yet, I fail to place my finger on it?

At the mercy of the Skills Universe, will you kindly share your insights, your experiences, your expertise? Don’t want your trait secrets - just some solid advice that can be transferred to the new “Skills-Rockstars” of our future labour force!! ?


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