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    As I have indicated that I will delete members who abuse the skills-universe, I have been asked to explain myself. What do I mean by abuse of the site?

    The skills-universe is a forum to provide a means of people, who work in skills development and training to make contact, request help and support each other by sharing their knowledge and experience – helping each other to deliver.

    That involves a range of issues as you all appreciate: accessing material and development, understanding qualification registration numbers and dates, accreditation and registration of providers.
    Keeping updated with DHET, SETA, QCTO, Umalusi, CHE, SAQA & NQF policies and procedures.
    Members regularly look for facilitators, assessors, moderators to assist them with particular qualifications or unit standards or programmes.

    It is very important that everyone is honest and ethical in their approach. Any misrepresentation would constitute abuse.

    So it would be abuse to offer work when actually the provider is only going to tender, or needs an assessor’s details to go for accreditation – without explaining the true position.

    It is abuse to contract a facilitator but not pay them for their services.

    To sell material as ready for an accreditation process, that is not a fit quality that will require much further work for the provider to be accredited.

    To offer services as an assessor or moderator, when not suitably trained.

    For a training provider to put out that they are registered and accredited when they are not either registered with DHET or accredited with the appropriate quality council/authority – or to deliberately confuse what they are, or are not accredited for.

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    Louis Nel

    Dear Sylvia

    I support your decision a 100%. There are a number of “Fly by night” and unethical providers out there who are abusing this forum for personal gain!!

    Estelle Malan

    Dear Syliva,

    I also fully support your position on this matter. Thanks for protecting the interests of all members against those who are using the site for disingenuous purposes.

    Des Squire

    Hi Sylvia,
    I could not agree more. I also feel that those seeking assessors, moderators or similar services should be requested to state why they are required. When I respond asking for this information I invariable get no response. Please make this compulsory going forward.

    Vuyolwetu Ntetha

    Dear Sylvia

    Thank you for this. We are fully behind you on this.

    Best Regards

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 14 total)
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