By sylviahammond, 14 April, 2021

Hi to all,
Arising from my extreme frustration today, I thought that I would post this info for skills-universe members.

We have a number of members of professional bodies, academics, students - undergrad and postgrad, and members preparing and submitting reports.

A draft document should be so watermarked - that's easy if you use Word, the word "draft" flows across the page, and remains under whatever you are typing.

A final draft still remains watermarked - the watermark wording could change to "final draft". It may also be "final draft for comment".

A final document should state that it is final, for publication - if that is what is intended, and the watermark must be removed.

If there is a media embargo, then date and time should be up front.

To explain the concept of an embargo.
Ministers often release their speeches to the media with an embargo.
The media respect that privilege, and it gives the media time to read the speech before the Minister presents.
The media then prepare what they are going to say/print/post - so that it comes out right after the Minister has presented.

An embargo can be used for fellow presenters at a conference, on the understanding that the presentation is not shared until after the presentation. It gives times for reading and preparation of comments and questions.


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