What is an assessor

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    Des Squire

    No the system is laborious and wheels grind slowly.

    What on earth would yo9u be paying another provider R27000 for?

    I sincerely hope you are only applying to one SETA first. Once you have accreditation with your main SETA (the one which will approve most of your training coursed) you can apply for extension of scope to other SETAS  


    Wow! Thanks. My main Seta is ETDP. Will be patient



    Good day Des,

    I thank you for the explanation above. I have a question though that i need clarity on. After completing the assessor course and meeting the above outcomes as explained-i understand you become a “Assessor” and still need to register with a SETA relevant to your filed of exepertise . When does the tittle “Constituent Assessor” come? What does “constituent” mean in relation to Assessors. Is it because you are now registered with a SETA? May you help clarify on that

    Jacobus Burger

    Hi Des

    Great Post.

    I enjoy informational posts like these, it clarifies a lot of misunderstandings. And there are few places on the web with in-depth views on what the Assessor is and may not be.

    And for guys like me that has been out of the game for a while or who are just certified, this post makes for a great refresher.

Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 22 total)
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One thought on “What is an assessor

  • Christopher Sharpe

    Thanks for an interesting post. However there is a strong cognitive element to behaviour modelling illustrated by Greg Smith in that he made a conscious decision not to align himself with a culture conflicting with his own.

    A typical conscious rationale of people is “if he/she does xyz why shouldn’t I?” This is especially so of authority relationships, but not exclusively. For example, I have heard people say “if taxi drivers get away with it I’ll drive the same way.” Get away with what, murder? Why on earth would any self respecting individual want to model their road behaviour on taxi driver? This does not bode well for their behaviours in other contexts!

    It seems the world’s problems stem from a crisis of leadership. Most people expect to be led, yet there seems to be a serious lack of real moral fibre in the individuals occupying leadership positions, be they in government, commerce or anywhere else. It takes courage to leave the tribe in the way that Greg Smith did, hats off to him.

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