What is an assessor

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    Des Squire

    I cannot see why not if companies wish to engage your services. I am of course assuming you are offering NON CREDIT BEARING courses where assessment, moderation and verification are not required.

    You may want to clarify further for me???


    There are some courses where I’ve requested for accreditation from ETDP SETA and HWSETA. But I am continuing with their non accredited courses. For clarity purpose Des, when it is said a course is non accredited, what does it mean

    Des Squire

    For simplicity Motlotlegi let’s just say it is non credit bearing or has not been included as a registered course with the SETA from whom you have accreditation.

    Let’s say for instance that I as a provider have accreditation from the ETDP SETA and have programme approval to deliver assessor training. That is seen to be an accredited course. If I then offer training on say “conducting a disciplinary hearing” and I have not registered with a SETA to conduct this training then this would be non accredited training. Hope this makes sense to you.  


    It does Des. Thanks so much.


    Des, is there a shorter way to get accredited. It looks like one is going to wait for plus 6 months for one to get accredited. Otherswise one is tempted to pay R27 000.00 to accredited providers

Viewing 5 posts - 6 through 10 (of 22 total)
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One thought on “What is an assessor

  • Christopher Sharpe

    Thanks for an interesting post. However there is a strong cognitive element to behaviour modelling illustrated by Greg Smith in that he made a conscious decision not to align himself with a culture conflicting with his own.

    A typical conscious rationale of people is “if he/she does xyz why shouldn’t I?” This is especially so of authority relationships, but not exclusively. For example, I have heard people say “if taxi drivers get away with it I’ll drive the same way.” Get away with what, murder? Why on earth would any self respecting individual want to model their road behaviour on taxi driver? This does not bode well for their behaviours in other contexts!

    It seems the world’s problems stem from a crisis of leadership. Most people expect to be led, yet there seems to be a serious lack of real moral fibre in the individuals occupying leadership positions, be they in government, commerce or anywhere else. It takes courage to leave the tribe in the way that Greg Smith did, hats off to him.

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