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    As set out in the Organising Framework for Occupations a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) is a person who “Analyses the skills requirements within an organisation and coordinates the execution of the personal development plans of employees, monitors the implementation of the workplace skills plan and reports accordingly” (OFO Number:
    This would imply that the job profile of the SDF should include the following functions
    Study and analyse the various jobs performed in an establishment by various means, including interviews with workers, supervisors and management, and writing detailed job or occupation descriptions from information obtained
    Prepare occupational information by working on occupational classification systems
    Advise and work on these areas and on other aspects of job and occupation analyses in fields such as personnel administration, workforce research and planning, training and other occupational information and vocational guidance as might be required
    Study and advise individuals on employment opportunities, career choices and further education or training that may be desirable in terms of the company need and the career path chosen by individual employees.
    Identify by means of a professional needs analysis the training needs and requirements of individuals within the company
    From this it is easy to see that a professionally qualified SDF is responsible for much more than just completing the Annual training report and the Workplace skills plan. A professionally qualified SDF should be involved in all areas for which they have been trained and HR managers should ensure the SDF is allowed to perform in these areas if the desired company results are to be achieved. A professional SDF should be qualified as such and should have achieved competency in the following Unit Standards at least
    Advising on and implementation of Quality management Systems for skills development
    Conducting analysis to determine training needs and outcomes of training
    Conducting skills development administration – WSP and ATR
    Coordinating skills development interventions and establish a skills development and/or an EE committees
    Utilise their skills in advising on outcomes based education within the context of the NQF
    Developing the organisations training and development plans as well as a Corporate Qualifications Framework specific to the company
    Should the SDF be qualified as required (6 unit standards) and if their skills and abilities are utilised correctly and constructively then their role will be sustainable and they will be placed in an invaluable position and will most certainly add value to any organisation.
    The SDF should work in close association with the skills Development forum as well as the EE forum and should keep the forum members advised and updated on progress made in relation to the training needs of employees and the overall training and progression planning objectives of the company.
    Des Squire (Managing Member) AMSI and Associates cc – des@amsiandassociates.co.za

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