What do you do when you have hit a brick wall??

Front Page Looking For… Seeking Accreditation or Training material What do you do when you have hit a brick wall??

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    Dave Muir

    Some of my previous posts have not endeared me to certain individuals at the ETDPSeta. It was therefore no surprise to me that when I applied for expansion of my scope of operations, it was declined.

    Now….I am not for one minute suggesting that the materials that I had submitted for approval were 100% satisfactory, as they were developed/bought from a third party who were paid for the materials which do not conform. (A lesson learnt!)

    However, I only received one accreditation report for two sets of distinctly different materials. I include the email sent to the ETDPSeta in this regard              below:

    Dear Mfowabo,


    I am in receipt of your report regarding our application for accreditation for the programmes “Design and Develop Outcomes-Based Learning Programmes” and “SDF”.


    Unfortunately I cannot make head or tail of your report because of the following:

    1)       You have compiled a single report for both programmes, even though they are distinctly different and have been submitted as 2 different programmes.

    2)       It is therefore not certain to which programmes you are referring when making certain comments, eg, “Please provide your target audience into the learning programme”. Which programme are you referring to?

    3)       Some of the comments are very vague, eg. “Please review your material and submit Learner Guides addressing every SO and AC of the Unit Standards.” In my opinion, the materials submitted for approval do address each of the SO’s and AC’s of each of the unit standards related to the programmes. If in your opinion they do not, please specify which SO’s and AC’s have not been addressed.


    Therefore, please provide me with 2 reports, one for each of the programmes submitted, and addressing the issues raised above at your earliest convenience. Hard copies of the 2 learning programmes are still at your offices.

    After receiving no response after about 10 days, I forwarded the same email to the PA of the CEO of the EDTPSeta. That was about a week ago. Needless to say….still no response!

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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