What do recruiters or HR want to see on a CV?

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    What do you want to see and what do you not want to see on a CV when candidates are responding to job vacancies?

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    Hi Ute
    To be honest, I look for a sign – something that feels like synchronicity, something that tells me this is the person who is meant to take the job. Or an intuition. This saves me hours of work searching through hundreds [avg 400] of applicants for one job while pretending to be objective. But when there’s no burning bush … I then have the applicants complete a questionnaire to check whether they meet the basic minimum criteria, which then saves me from having to open every CV. I then get the top 30 to call me so that I can screen them over the phone. It is only when I get down to the top 10 that I start comparing them using objective criteria and getting their CV’s retyped to reflect only the pertinent stuff etc.
    Unfair practices? Everyone is guilty of some discrimination, even the best recruiters. Can you imagine any Agency trying to push the ‘minimum’ candidate, especially when up against other Agencies. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone placed their CV’s on only one site, like CareerJunction.

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    We are running a youth employability programme, so any suggestions as to what makes a good CV would be welcomed from my side as well! What ‘mistakes’ do you see over and over again?

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    Hi Ute,

    You really want to see that the candidate meets the minimum requirements at least. This is usually the first step that gets you the interview, however it is a common mistake to rely on this alone. A combination of testing and interviewing and if possible a work senario study would sniff out the ideal candidate from the chancers. The fact that the candidate has done something ‘extra’ to develop himself/herself in that particular field, makes the difference for me.


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    Hi Ute

    You may remember me from way back when. Anyway, I am completely disillusioned with the recruitment profession, after having owned my own agency and all and spending about 10 years as a professional recruiter. The profession is utterly elitist and turns away many people who do not comply with the “right” image or cv etc, inter alia. My heart broke each time I had to turn away a perfectly good applicant, who was willing to learn new skills following a retrenchment and months of searching. People are judged unfairly, not invested enough time in and clients will often treat you as if you work for them by saying things along the lines of, “that is what I want and if I don’t get it from you, I will get it elsewhere.”
    The client who is willing to listen will often end up with a highly trainable individual who due to circumstances will work harder and offer loyalty and commitment. I have never placed the wrong person in a job, nor have I offered anyone who was doomed to fail. To my credit I have placed people in higher positions than they originally applied for and guess what, they were enormously successful.
    My gift is that I can read people really well and sense their sincerity, but I cannot find anyone who can read me. Nor, can I find anyone who can interview me really well.
    I have taken poorly-written cv’s and by investing enough time in interviewing the applicant, learned that there was more to the individual than just a cv. While I admit, I could not place every interviewee, I took the time to offer a motivational session and subsequently, people who were completely down, found work they never thought they could do.
    I haven’t yet come across anyone who does that and while I miss recruitment badly, I am not sure I want to suffer the heartache of turning people away, people begging on the phone and others cursing me because I cannot place them.
    Hats off to those who are still in the profession. I hope you say a prayer for all those unfortunate applicants you will never place.

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