What are the Duties of a Legal Officer in any Seta?

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    Can anyone there give us any idea what happens during a site visit?

    Who is supposed to visit your premises, as a training provider, during the final step of the process?



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    Hi There

    It is depending on what SETA it is. Some SETA’s contract external companies out to conduct a site visit at your premises. And sometimes the SETA’s sends out someone in their ETQA department.

    During a site visit, they look at all your documentation you will be using for training purposes, this includes:

    1. Your Quality Management System (QMS)

    2. Your Learning Material, alignment matrix, assessments guide, facilitator guide, assessor guide and moderator guide

    3. Your Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator’s details. Should this be external, you will need signed SLA’s with them.

    4. All your addendum documents. Including, but not limited to: Financial documentation, CV’s of internal staff, Business Plan, Appeal templates etc.

    Note: SETA’s usually provides you with a list of documentation required when conducting a site visit, in order for you to prepare yourself. This can be downloaded either from their website or you can phone them for this document.

    Hope this helps.



    Good morning

    It depends on what the SETA will be looking for.

    In a case of a learnership/Skills programme implementation an employee from the skills development unit will conduct a site visit to verify the progress of the programme implementation.

    In the case of accreditation  – Monitoring an ETQA person will conduct a site visit. Some SETA’s call them ETQA Practitioners others call them Quality Assurers.

    During the final step of the process, lets say full accreditation – some SETA’s will send your QA and  Manager  to conduct the audit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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