Warzone of outdated information!

By PWODC, 2 January, 2019

Just completed re-writing the entire learning programme on US 114984 to allow for a comprehensive and updated perspective on OBE in the context of the NQF. But wow, something that should take no more than two weeks became a nightmare of two months seeking, and filtering information from one minefield of boobytraps and Duds to other filled with cadavers of pre- 1995, 2008 and post 2008 outdated SAQA and NQF Battle appreciations and doctrine.

I mean, I've truly almost lost my sanity, although some would argue that did happened a long time ago aready! It is not only the 1000's of private and commercial websites contributing to this battle-zone but also the Commanders themselves, referring of course to the Departments and their Oversight Bodies for the NQF Sub-Frameworks, which gleefully just fill the trenches with fresh ranks without removing the cadavers begging for salvation since 1995. Eish!

Somehow, we all should put in a conscientious effort to clean-up our websites and databases to ensure that currency reigns supreme! Oh yes, but of course, I almost forgot silly me ?, should you wish to procure a fresh updated battleplan for US114984 send me a telegraph in Morse code and will include a free combat helmet/ staaldak, if you now what I mean! Terms and conditions apply ?!

Happy 2019, God Bless.


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