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    sylvia hammond

    Good evening to all members,

    Thank you for staying with us on skills-universe during the past difficult period – almost exactly 2 weeks of problems.

    I have just received a message from Ning that the engineers have resolved the Error 500 problem, and also resolved the problems with uploading files and photos.

    I have just successfully uploaded a large photo and a large file – so it does seem to be resolved.

    So if you have tried and given up – please come back and carry on with what you were doing.

    Thank you for all those who made personal contact to check on the problems and for the “hugs”.


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    Tass Schwab

    Thank you!!

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    Ian Webster

    Thanks Sylvia.
    Well done. We’re not going anywhere! ☺

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    Thokozani Absalom

    Thanks! Sylvia Hammond the system was very bad

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    Sandra De Leo

    All looks well to me. A glitch in the system helps us realise how brilliant it was before. Thank you.

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