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    Martin John Fynn

      Dear Friends and Countrymen

      I plead that you heed my clarion call to serve the commonwealth.

      I have to submit my hard copies for SSETA Accreditation tomorrow; 19 November. I am still desperately trying to source an Assessor and Moderator for 50080; 57712LP58344; 66249.

      The most important though is Assessor and Moderator for this individual Unit Standard: 114226 Interpret and Manage Conflicts Within the Workplace. 

      PLEASE HELP. Martin Fynn(0717559495) or


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    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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    • Pieter Staal

      Karl, good points.  The myths are made by men and believed by women.  Men (many of them) will always make sure that they ‘stay in control’ by putting women down and thereby entrenching themselves even further more. 

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