By Laraine17, 19 September, 2019

Good day All

I would like some advice please. I have almost completed the ODETDP course, and I plan to do the OD6 in the new year. I have a bit of legal background and would like to do a credit bearing correspondence course to become a practicing Mediator and Arbitrator.

I would like to look at ways of integrating the two careers because i am passionate about both Education and the Law.

Can someone advise me of any available courses located in the greater Durban area.

I have spoken to the Arbitrators Association of South Africa and they have a year long correspondence course, however the compulsory workshops are held in Johannesburg. I am not able to make those classes.

If anyone should have any information of someone i can speak to in this regard, or know of an accredited institution that provides this qualification I would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,
La Raine


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