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    sylvia hammond

    Are you a member of skills-universe? Now that we are on the new skills-universe site, you need to request a new password.
    That will upgrade you from the old subscriber status to a Participant.
    Then you will be able to:

    • post comments and discussions, and
    • subscribe to receive updates from The Helpdesk,and

    • receive updates from the Looking for section, where project work offer and vacancies are posted, and
    • receive requests for training material required, also

    • update your profile info, and
    • access a range of other facilities.
      Request your password today.

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    Rika de Clercq

    Do I also need to upgrade? I recently joined.

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    Rika de Clercq

    I have a teaching degree in consumer studies and a BCOM. And have been working as an ERP consultant for past 14 years.
    I know I am a great trainer, but am not sure what courses are available for me to teach.
    Where can I check on this? I want to start marketing myself asap

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Rika,
    You are now a Participant – as you have your new password and can access this site on the new platform.

    On your question, I suggest:
    Click on Discussion groups
    Scan down the list and find a few that are related, such as freelance faciitators, etc.
    Click to join a group:
    In the group and you will find a Home page and a Forum page
    On the Forum page look for the word Subscribe, click there to receive updates.
    Also on the Forum page, scroll all the way down to the box where you can add a discussion.
    Add your question,
    give it a title,
    add some keywords in the Tags box,
    click the little box to receive notifications of responses, and
    click to submit.
    You might need to wait for it to be accepted.
    Members can then help you with your question.
    Regards sylvia

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