By sylviahammond, 29 January, 2017

For all the busy SDFs out there - have you caught up with the amendments to the Taxation Laws Amendment Act?  Act 16 of 2016 was signed into law and gazetted this month.

See attached full Gazette - and just to help you find the details you need, the English pages are as follows:

  • page 2 explains the purposes and you will note the Skills Development Levies Act, Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act, and the Employment Tax Incentive.
  • pages 38 - 42 give you the tax reductions that employers can claim for learners on Learnerships - until 1 April 2022,
  • page 88 gives you the changes to Adult Education and Training and Continuing Education and training, and provision and publication of qualification and certification services,
  • page 96 - amendment to the SDL may be included in the national budget. and the same for the UIF contribution,
  • and pages 102 - 106 the Employment Tax Incentive has been extended until the 28 February 2019.

Then the Unemployment Insurance deduction applies to learners on Learnerships - who should have an employment contract for the duration of the Learnership. Gazette also attached.

Act 15 of 2016 Taxation Laws Amendment Act 

Act 10 of 2016 Unemployment Insurance Amendment Act


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