Update on SETA re-establishment – 1 new SETA & FASSET SIC code

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      sylvia hammond

      Members can access the Government Gazette (GG) on the DHET Minister’s re-establishment of the SETAs under our Downloads section. Click on Downloads & the site opens with the GG right at the top.

      It’s a large file as the GG lists the SETAs and then the SIC codes within each SETA.
      This is my analysis of the changes – please check with me:

      All the existing SETAs are re-established for 10 years & MQA for 2. There is no explanation why. Do you know why?

      I am happy to see no amalgamations.
      I am no maths genius – but I could not see if you take 1 under-performing SETA & plus another 1 under-performing SETA – that would equal 1 performing SETA!

      There is a new SETA 21 – the Public Service SETA, for government departments, provincial admin, para-statals – NEC, foreign affairs, and Tourism & industry.

      There is also a new SIC code under FASSET – 81904 Investments entities and trusts.

      Under SETA 23 Services 88000 & 88900 have fallen away.

      The previous duplication of 75202 under SETA 12 Media etc has been corrected.
      The duplication under LGSETA 14 of 94003, 41300, & 42000 has been corrected.

      Please tell me if you disagree with this list.

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      tommy john salem

      I haven’t read the Gazette yet, but am curious to know if the duplications in terms of qualifications has been addressed, especially the trades. Examples are Plumbing which according to me belongs with the CETA, however the EWSETA has also added this Trade Qualification under their ETQA. I also realized that most SETA’s are not geared for Artisan Development Programme.

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        sylvia hammond

        Hi Tommy,
        Thanks for your question. No, the gazette is only a listing of all of the 21 SETAs that are reinstated, and then for each SETA, it lists all the SIC codes that fall under each SETA.

        But I have just checked notes.
        So I did note that 3 SEC codes:
        94003 water & sanitation services
        41300 steam & hot water
        42000 collection & purification & distribution of water
        are all deleted from the SETA 14 Local Government SETA – because they were duplicated.
        They are now only in SETA 8 Energy & Water SETA.

        But that should not affect the qualifications.

        On Plumbing, if I am correct, those qualifications are all being re-done by QCTO. NAMB falls under QCTO. Also the SETA ETQAs are only doing the legacy qualifications, so the QCTO will handle all the new artisan qualifications.

        So I would suggest artisan queries need to be taken up with the QCTO – contact Mr Thomas Lata.

        I hope this helps. If you do get any answers – please come back to us.

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      Des Squire

      Interresting that MQA has only been registered for two years – I wonder why? Any idea what might then happen?

      It seems like the clustering of setas might also fall by the waysied or am I jumping the gun?

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        sylvia hammond

        Hi Des,
        On the MQA for only 2 years – that is incredibly interesting.
        Maybe I should start a group – speculation on the MQA – and give a prize for the best speculation? Just joking 🙂

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      Tass Schwab

      I am happy they have been re established, it makes far more sense! It has messed many people around though, who have been stalling doing any purchases or changes. And it often makes us who are selling material, and doing Accreditations’ feel very much in the dark.

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        sylvia hammond

        Hi Tass,
        Yes, it has so many benefits to get some security going forward.
        From the perspective of the employees as well – to have some security of tenure for a period.

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