Unit standards that has expired replaced by new numbers.

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    Leon Gouws

    I have a situation on hand that perhaps someone can give me clarity. We are accredited for a number of qualifications which consist (as you probably know) of a number of unit standards. Some of the unit standards in the qualification has expired and were replaced by new unit standards with new numbers. The question is: Are we automatically accredited for the replacement (new numbered) unit standards or do we need to re-apply for the same qualification to be accredited for the new numbers. I have asked this question to 3 different SETA’s and all 3 came-up with different answers. In fact even the regional office and head office differs on this question.

    We continued to train the applicable unit standard but issued statement of results on the new number as the unit standard clearly indicates that the number replaced the old number.

    Can anyone please try to clarity this issue?

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    Hi Leon

    We are in exactly the same situation – our company name appears in the provider lists for the Qualifications (Environmental Practice/Environmental Management – LGSETA)  for which we are accredited,  but not in the lists at the end of the individual Unit Standards.

    Some of the listed Unit Standards have expired and have not been replaced, yet they still appear in the latest qualification list of unit standards. Several unit standards have been replaced by unit standards with different numbers and it takes hours to work through the unit standards to determine whether they are still valid, or whether they have been replaced by ones with different numbers.

    My question is the same – does our accreditation automatically extend to these unit standards that have changed and if this is not the case and we have to apply for the extension of accreditation,  what do we do in the interim?  We have had no communication at all from our SETA to warn or inform us on this.

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    Hi Guys

    Currently as far as my knowledge all qualifications are still registered and has not been updated yet, SAQA has pushed the dates up by another 5 years, the only thing that has changed and are being reverted to QCTO is the unit standards that must be register by them and that falls under trades. i hope this helps you guys. if you would like more information let me know at pcktraining@gmail.com. i work with all seta’s currently for provider accreditations

    Kind Regards,

    Corne Koelewyn

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    Every three years, all qualifications that are currently registered on the NQF are considered for re-registration. This consideration has been in progress for several months now, as per the decision of the SAQA Board in October 2014 to approve, with certain exceptions, the re-registration of all currently registered qualifications for the period from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2018.

    These exceptions are:

    • Qualifications that have been reviewed and replaced by new qualifications will not be re-registered.
    • Qualifications that do not meet the SAQA requirements for registration will not be re-registered. The Quality Councils have been consulted concerning these qualifications.
    • Qualifications that are no longer offered by the relevant providers, and that have no students currently enrolled on them, will not be re-registered.

    All qualifications and part-qualifications can be access on the link: http://www.saqa.org.za/show.php?id=7391

    Here is the answer guys hope this helps

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    Kate Sani

    Dear Leon,

    A unit standard takes on the life time of the qualification it is linked to. Thus if the qualification is still valid, the unit standard is valid irrespective of whether it has expired or been replaced. 

    The starting point is always the qualification: If you are accredited for the qualification, you have automatic accreditation to offer the unit standards (replaced included) within that qualification. 

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    Leon Gouws

    Thank you all for your comments.

    It is very interesting to see how we all try to interpret something which should be simple to grasp. Let me give you an example of exactly what the challenge is. We are accredited for a qualification with MerSETA NLRD66774 Manufacturing and Engineering NQF Level 2. Our accreditation date was 31 October 2012 but in the qualification it shows a specific unit standard U/s no 115101 Address workplace hazards and risks. This unit standard actually passed the end date BEFORE our accreditation and was replaced by  U/s 259619 Conduct workplace Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) inspections. Merseta did not update their qualification at all and it still reflects the old u/s number but this one was replaced by the new number. If we now issue a statement of result to a learner on the old number we cannot as it has expired but if we issue one on the new number our client disputes our accreditation. I feel that this is a huge challenge created by the different SETAS for not updating their documentation in time and keeping it relevant and updated. I have the same challenge with at least 3 SETAS and am sure everybody probability has similar challenges. How do we fix this as the ETQA departments from the SETAS does’nt even understand the specific challenge when I try to explain to them our predicament.

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    sylvia hammond

    Dear all, thank you so much for your input and your explanations, especially for those of us not working directly with this area. 

    If I interpret correctly, this in large part arises from inefficient SETAs – the old ETQAs who are now the AQPs. (I’m still not clear on AQP QAP.)  

    Anyway, the point is that this is all the QCTO responsibility and if they are not effectively managing the delegated authority this should be brought to the QCTO CEO, the SAQA CEO, the DHET DG & then Minister, and if still unresolved to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Higher Education & Training.  

    In my opinion at each of these levels we do have effective appointments, and from my observation, it’s a particularly good and well managed PPC committee.  So I would suggest don’t just accept all the inefficiency and poor performance at SETA level – which ultimately prejudices the aims of skills development.  Take it up to the level above – progressively – until something gets done.

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    Dear Des, my understanding is that if a qualification has a unit standard that is replaced and if you are accredited for the qualification then new unit standards are included. Cheers

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