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      Maphuthi Sekwaila

      Good Day All

      Is the UIF deduction allowed for the learners on a Skills Programme (4 months) and learnership (12 months +)?
      How is it deductible? If a learner gets R2500 stipend, is the UIF inclusive or exclusive?

      Thank you

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      sylvia hammond

      Hi Maphuthi
      Thank you, I am so glad that you posted your questions. This raises a number of very important issues.
      UIF + UIF deductions + the word stipend
      I will share to everyone to get response.

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      Zebilon Mmekwa

      Good Day to All
      Coming to the question raised by Maphuti, “Is UIF deduction allowed….” and also the stipend, these are two different topics. I will gladly share my experience, although limited.

      In accordance with the legislation, Sectoral Determination 5: Learnership, an employer may not make any deduction from learner’s remuneration or require a learner to repay any amount in respect of any material required for the purpose of the learnership.

      Deductions are normally in the form of a collective and written agreement with the employee in accordance with section 34 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997. Therefore, I’m not sure whether you are an employer or a service provider.

      The stipend is a predetermined amount that is provided to help offset expenses and they are provided to those who are ineligible to receive a regular salary in exchange for the duties they perform. This is as far as I can contribute to the topic.
      Kind regards
      Zebilon Mmekwa

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