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    Hi to all members,
    Please check your profile to make sure that your email address is not visible to all & sundry – including the army of international internet spammers, or material developers, or providers, or anyone else – who want to sell you their products.

    My profile email is open so that members can contact me with problems – and today I received a very official-looking request from the “WHO” (I don’t know who) wanting me to pay with Bitcoins – watch out for it.

    * Click on your name & photo on the right hand side – or mouse over them to open your profile.
    * The drop down menu gives you “edit my profile”.
    * Scroll down a little to your email address.
    * A little box marked “Change” will tell you who can view your email address.
    * Your choices are:
    ***Only me
    ***All members
    ***My friends.
    * Click the box “Change” to choose either:
    * Only me or My friends (only if you have invited friends & trust them). (Not all members because I cannot vouch for them all.)
    * Click “Close” & then
    * Scroll down to “Save changes”.

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    Collin Padayachee

    Hi Sylvia

    Thank you for watching out for us. Much appreciated.


    Thanks Collin – stay safe.

    Des Squire

    Thank you Sylvia. I am getting so many spam mails it is now a total pain. Have changed my details as suggested. Stay well and stay safe.


    Hi Des,
    I can totally relate to the spam.
    Also remember to check if you have a LinkedIn and a Twitter profile – or any others. Very often the email is hidden somewhere in the profile.

    In addition to spam – one of my “delights” 😉 on LinkedIn is the number of people who feel inspired to contact me because they have seen my sparkling eyes and lovely smiling face.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 7 total)
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