Two minutes to ensure privacy of your email address

By sylviahammond, 24 April, 2020

Hi to all members,
Please check your profile to make sure that your email address is not visible to all & sundry - including the army of international internet spammers, or material developers, or providers, or anyone else - who want to sell you their products.

My profile email is open so that members can contact me with problems - and today I received a very official-looking request from the "WHO" (I don't know who) wanting me to pay with Bitcoins - watch out for it.

* Click on your name & photo on the right hand side - or mouse over them to open your profile.
* The drop down menu gives you "edit my profile".
* Scroll down a little to your email address.
* A little box marked "Change" will tell you who can view your email address.
* Your choices are:
***Only me
***All members
***My friends.
* Click the box "Change" to choose either:
* Only me or My friends (only if you have invited friends & trust them). (Not all members because I cannot vouch for them all.)
* Click "Close" & then
* Scroll down to "Save changes".


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