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    Well said, Lindiwe – I continually hit my head against a brick wall with explaining this to clients who rue the day they opted to go with a “cheapy’ trainer who is only registered with SETA (not with DOL).

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  • Tim Madgwick

    Just a thought. Why don’t we elect a government that believes in dignity for all, zero racism, respect¬†and equal opportunity. Oops that may upset the unions and not be politically correct as we would have to scrap BEE, affirmative action and the Employment Equity Act. However we could entice South Africans of all races back who have skills and who are battling in other parts of the world. They could bring back the much needed skills and the desire to work, this would create about 5 jobs per skilled worker and the country would blossom. We could then lower tax as we have a larger tax base and bring about an economic revolution in Africa. We could export to China!


    I had a dream ………………………..

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