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    Wonderboy Madi

      A quick one colleagues, What should you do if you signed SLA with a Training Provider and do training for them when is time to pay they send tell you that they will not pay you because their client was not happy with the training provided but there is no clause in SLA which speak about happiness of the client? Where can I can help (legal)?

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      Hi Wonderboy,
      The first thing I would suggest is to ask for very specific details of what exactly “client was not happy” means.

      Please also advise me whether the training provider, who is not paying is a member of skills-universe.

      Kate Sani

        Dear Wonderboy,
        Sylvia’s advice is 100%. Ensure the provider gives it in writing, in order that you have a formal document should you decide to go a legal route. I would also suggest that if you are still unhappy with the provider’s response / reasons, that you lodge a complaint with the QCTO and/or Department of Higher Education and Training on their ethics lines. These two entities are obligated to investigate all complaints.

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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