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    Shabaan Khan

    With the relocation of the apparel industry to SADEC countries, South African entrepreneurs are seeking top notch trainers for improving
    productivity and work study in neighbouring countries.
    If you have trained Supervisors who can empower their teams in the assembly process to improve productivity we want to hear from you urgently.
    Typically factories have between 500 -1500 employees. All our leading retailers are manufacturing across the border.
    If you can speak the Nguni language -it will be a bonus.
    Hands on training and not to theoretical training required.

    Also if you have developed systems to digitise scores for workstudy and and score purposes- we want to hear from you as well.

    Please send your CV stating experience and your willingness to travel for short assignments across the border – (currently Swaziland and Lesotho)
    Email: Shabaan Khan

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