Training Material and Alignment to Seta’s specification.

Front Page Looking For… Seeking Accreditation or Training material Training Material and Alignment to Seta’s specification.

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    Carl Liddle

    i have access to the training material for the following SETA’s:

    Service Seta  – 18 Full Qualifications

    Cathssea – 7 Full Qualifications

    ETDP – 18 Full Qualifications

    H&W Seta – 5 Full Qualifications

    W&R Seta – 5 Full Qualifications

    MICTS Seta – 5 Full Qualifications (ISSETA)

    Transport Seta – 6 Full Qualifications

    LG Seta – 6 Full Qualifications

    MICT Seta – 2 Full Qualifications

    FASSET – 1 Full Qualification

    CETA – 5 Full Qualifications

    MQA – 1 Full Qualification

    SASSETA – 2 Full Qualifications

    AgriSeta – 2 Full Qualifications

    The learning material package includes the following:-
      Learner Guide
      Learner Workbook
      Facilitator Guide
      Assessment Guide
      Alignment Matrix
      Model Answers


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    Carl Liddle

    guys sorry i ommitted my email address, you can get hold of me at or 0833606684


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    What qualifications do you have for MICT Seta and what is you price for that. Was this material quality assured by the Seta? Please also send details on your HW seta qualifications



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    Hi there

    I am looking for training material for sale in the electronics industry (mict seta), specifically for me to do training on Satellite Installations and related installations on Antennas, Audio/Video, Plasma, LCD, LED TV’s. Theory on RF and IF frequency on the full spectrum/ UHF, VHF, FM, AM, L-BAND, C-BAND, KU-BAND, PAS7/10 W3A ext. This is part of the electronics industry but more about the Installation of the equipment. Thank you Gideon F Viljoen

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    Hi Carl, please say what qualification do you have material for, for the MICT SETA


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    Lethole Ntsoelikane

    Hi carl

    Please send me learning material names and prices for qualifications under LGSETA

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    Hi Carl please assist with materials for rail chamber in TETA Seta


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    Which qualification do you have materials for, TETA (Rail Chamber)

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    Hi Carl

    What’s the cost for the OD ETDP NC Level 5 and MQA qualifications.

    Kindly contact me on my email

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    Please send me a quote for SDF (all unit standards and PoE), Assessor 115753, Moderation 115759.

    Do your material include a roll out plan? May I have your cell number please- mine is 0791998769 Nandi

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    hi there

    please send me a mail at and i will qoute you on that material you require.

    Kind Regards

    Corne Koelewyn

    072 972 6006

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    Hi please send me prices and list of learner material for CETA on my email

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    Am in need of counselling course materials, do you have it? If so, send the full details/package and costing to at your earliest convenient time

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    marcel samali

    hello,let make a good deal i need 8 qualification ,do you assist with assessor and moderator,email…………………0825196140

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    Good day,
    Our company is fully accredited with the CETA and is in the process of applying for accreditation with the AgriSeta and requires training material on the following qualifications:
    1. National Certificate: Plant Production; NQF 1 Qual ID:48972
    2. National Certificate: Animal Production; NQF 1 Qual ID:48970
    3. National Certificate: Farming; NQF 2 Qual ID:20288
    4. General Education & Training Certificate: Poultry Production; NQF 1 Quali ID: 49580
    Kindly send us a quote accordingly
    Robert Ngwenya
    Tel: +27 53 861 4753 (Head Office – Northern Cape: Kimberley)
    Tel: +27 11 026 2352 (Gauteng)
    Cell: +27 82 903 7852
    Fax2Email: +27 86 516 6198
    Skype (Personal): robert.ngwenya
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