By sylviahammond, 21 November, 2018

Recent- media reports indicate that Government Departments will no longer require previous work experience for entry-level positions.

What a good opportunity for skills development providers to step up to the plate - how to induct a crop of young people, full of potential and probably already very tech savvy.

Anyone who lives or interacts with teenagers will know that the first challenge will be how to explain to them that they can't stay on their cell phones all day - while at work.

But seriously, this is such a good opening for training providers and HR people to work together to assess ability and present level of skills (especially literacy and numeracy), and innate potential - to develop an inidividual career plan for each person, give them a motivation to do well, show them where they can be if they apply themselves.

The professional bodies - skills development and HR - should be explaining how they will support government departments.

What are your suggestions?


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