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By sylviahammond, 26 July, 2021

Members may wonder why I chose to put this report into the SDF group. It's because in previous Foodbev Sector Education & Training Authority (SETA) meetings on preparation of the Sector Skills Plan (SSP), I have raised questions about why there is no mention of packaging, and the related occupations.

It is clear to me every time I buy food that we have packaging quality issues. You can think of your own examples.

The supply chain consists of the R&D & QA specifications, the Procurement verification of material standards, & the overall Quality Assurance, QC in, production supervision, online QC, packaging operation, & QA check for transport to customer.

So SDFs: -
* are you receiving information indicating training needs?
* Are you including that information in the Workplace Skills Plans you submit?

See the attached link of the report from


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