Theft, Sleg Slim, Unethical Developers

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    Tass Schwab

    The past few weeks I have been shocked by the amount of people that sell the same material, with the same logos, and poor quality mind you, and calling it their own!! How can 3 different developers say this is mine but send me the same poor quality?

    nd also send me PSETA material that can be obtained for free and calling it their own? Shame on you. There are developers out there that have over 20 years of experience that see your dishonesty. Please email me and I will send you the icons of the material that is owned by so many that claim its theirs.

    Really annoyed, its these types of people that cause so much trouble for providers who are new to the game. And mind you if you want Material, be careful, check it!

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    Nigel Shipston

    Hi Tass, this has been going on for some years now and is still on the increase. I see people selling full qualification material for less than R2 000.00 and you can guess at the quality and support behind these materials! There seems to be a belief that selling other people’s material is not a problem, totally lacking in ethical and honest practices. Often though, these people can magically disappear when questions are asked and/or support services required. The fact that they can become invisible after taking your money tells me they know they are doing wrong.

    If you pay cheap prices, make no mistake that you will get what you pay for. The reality is that when you purchase the material, you are purchasing the right to use that material, unless otherwise stipulated. The right to sell the material remains the right of the developer and this random acquisition of material through underhanded tactics and then reselling is criminal fraud. It is unfortunate that so many people have been caught with these fraudsters, but it is the buyers responsibility to do some research on available materials before paying based on lowest price. Low price = low value product.

    Check also which SETA’s have free materials available because these miscreants have no conscience about selling you material that is otherwise freely available.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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