The TRC for effective human resource management

By sylviahammond, 29 July, 2012

Trust, Respect and Communication - may be easily remembered as the TRC for effective human resource management.  Visiting Professor Clive Thompson presenting the Rabinowitz lecture at the University of Cape Town explained that these are the three most important requirements for successful employee management relations - for the great workplace.   He was describing the results of research conducted mainly in Australia aimed at identifying the requirements for a great workplace.  

Against these top three requirements - how do South African workplaces rate? 

The results of this research are very relevant in the midst of our annual winter wage negotiations. We expend so much energy at our workplaces talking right past each other, how much better would it be if we concentrated on developing these factors - never mind the rest of the list where I'd suggest we also score abysmally.  

However, I wonder whether it is possible to develop even these three requirements with our current disparity in income, and vastly different life chances for housing, education and healthcare.

For the full list of requirements identified in the research and a report on the lecture, see Cindy Payle's report on the skills portal:

The Paradox of the Great Workplace



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