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    Adolph P Kaestner

    The Spirit of SAPTA

    In addition to all the formal features, benefits and value that SAPTA has to offer is there something else? Is there a golden thread? Is there some magic?

    I believe there is and I call it “The Spirit of SAPTA!”

    This “Spirit” is something that evolves and is created by the members and the camaraderie we create by belonging to, and building, ourselves, our peers and the Industry of Professional Trainers in Southern Africa.

    We are a community of extraordinarily generous, open-hearted and helpful SAPTA members, who will give you every assistance they can assist you to start, develop and grow your own training career.

    One of the fundamental elements that makes up the Spirit of SAPTA is that we share freely our successes, tips, tricks, competencies, hints, the have to knows, the good to knows and the nice to knows with our fellow members, who may well be our competitors, because we believe in the principle of abundance and paying it forward.

    We are a network of contacts and have access to clients, events companies, pco’s, industry leaders and by using our circles of influence and sharing we will extend the scope of your marketing and prospecting and create a bigger and better well of opportunities for us all to drink from.

    SAPTA is our home – let’s all share in the Spirit of SAPTA and make it the sought after community for all trainers in Southern Africa

    By; Adolph Kaestner – SAPTA Gauteng President 2016

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