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    sylvia hammond

    Skills-universe is a free access website. The overall aim is to provide all those working in the worlds of education – at all levels, training, skills-development, career and occupational development, and the world of work generally – to engage with each other. 

    There are many expert, knowledgeable and experienced members, who are able to advise and assist newcomers to these industries. No matter what you are looking for, there is probably someone who can advise and assist you – sometimes without a cost, and sometimes by charging a fee.

    So in order to support this aim and help members find their way around, I have edited one of the titles: instead of “Vacancies and Discussion” you will now find “Looking for …”.

    If you click on “Looking for …”, you will find the first four sub-headings are:

    • Looking for practitioners to fill vacancies and support your projects, 
    • Looking for work for yourself – enter your information in Available practitioners,
    • Looking for help with accreditation – or to buy training material,
    • Looking to sell or hire out – venues, or to sell training material. 

    So you may think about skills-universe for 3 different purposes:

    • the “Looking for” – where you are looking for something – either to buy or sell
    • the Groups – where you can engage in discussions: you can ask for help or advice on how to do something; or how you should charge for a service; or because you want to start a discussion about a topic – usually either because you are very unhappy about something and want to get a resolution, or very happy about something and want to promote it.  
    • the Knowledge area – which is like Blogs – for reading material and not much discussion. This can be articles about topics important to the training you offer, eg. health and safety issues; or human resource issues of how to manage or motivate people at work; or information about your company.

    So your challenge for the coming week – are you able to place yourself, and your business and services correctly within these headings? 

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    Celeste Jacobs

    #gulp!  Thanks Sylvia, i am going to take the challenge 😉  Have a great evening!

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    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Sylvia, this is awesome!  The headings are perfect!  Thank you so much!!

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    Janelle Gravett

    Thanks Sylvia – really clear and simple to use!

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    Petra Penninkhoff

    Thanks Sylvia

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    Tass Schwab

    Thank you!

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