By PWODC, 29 August, 2018

The web is cluttered with old redundant information on Skills Development. It is really TIME that organisations start cleaning the messy trail of outdated articles, illustrations on processes, and irrelevant source documents that span over decades.

At very least articles, publications should include the Date of Publication, the Name of the Author or Publisher or Entity. This is critical information that MUST be indicated on the Publication, Article or simply anything that you upload to be displayed on the Web. It is TIME that organisations, Private or Public, review their websites and remove REDUNDANT material. It is literally a WARZONE on the web, littered with Corpses of yester years’ tools and Information.

Please, I beg the Quality Councils, SAQA SETAs, SARS, Government Departments, STATSSA, Private providers, every stakeholder/ roleplayer within the SA Skill Development Landscape to remove redundant material and clean up, you are creating chaos! It is a nightmare taking a stroll through the Skills Development Environment on the Web! Adhere to general protocols regarding the Publication of Articles and Documents.


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